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Panel Discussion on Emergence of "We, the people..." - Recent trends in our democracy

Held on Sunday, 16th February, 2014 at 11 AM

Bangalore International Centre in collaboration with IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru had arranged a thought-provoking Panel Discussion on Emergence of“We, the people….” -  Recent trends in our democracy,  on Sunday, 16thFebruary, 2014 at11.00 AM at its auditorium.  The panelists were Mr. R K Misra,Founder Navbharat, Mr. Prithvi Reddy, AamAdmi Party and Dr. Ashwin Mahesh,Co-founder and Co-editor India Together Coordinator, SAAKU.  The discussion was chaired and moderated by Mr. V Ravichandar,Urban Specialistand Former Member – Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF).
The panelists who belonged to new and emerging political parties stressed that the nation needs a corruption-free Government and the newly emerging parties are striving to bring this dream to reality. All of them spoke cogently and eloquently about their approach and strategy to cleanse the system.
Mr. R K Misra stressed that we should provide employment to the unemployed to eradicate the corruption. He also emphasized that Government intervention should be less as is being done in China. Mr. Ashwin Mahesh suggested that the scarcity in all fields like health, education, servicesetc should be attended to first which willplay a great role in revitalising the system.
Mr. Prithvi Reddy also vouched the views of the other two panelists. However, he could not fully remove the misgivingsin the minds of many about the approach ofAAP on issues other than corruption.
It was the unanimous opinion of the audience that all the new and emerging parties should unite and fight against corruption, instead of dividing the votes in the coming general election in fighting electoral battles against each other.

There was a very good Q& A session which followed the discussion between the audience and the panelists. Mr. Ravichandar moderated the discussion with great skill, liberally laced with witty observations.