Events : Urbanization

Book Launch by Mr. Jeb Brugmann – “Urban Revolution”

Held on 25th June, 2009 at 6pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Book Launch of “Urban Revolution” authored by Dr. Jeb Brugmann, on 25 th June, 2009 at 6.30 pm

Dr. Jeb Brugmann talked on his book with power point presentation of slides. Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan, Co-Founder of Janaagraha moderated the discussions.

In his presentation, Dr. Brugmann relied on the evolution of model cities around the World to suggest that they could be successful primarily because the stake-holders took an enlightened view of their self-interest and collaborated with each other to acquire political and legal authority to fashion and remodel their cities in a manner which not only protected, but optimized their respective interests. It was an interesting thesis, but there were participants, in the debate that followed, who felt that the prescription advocated may not work in a flawed system, like India, where the majority remain passive in the electoral process and consequently in the decision-making process. It was a lively talk and a livelier debate, thoroughly enjoyed by the packed audience who had come for the event.

The Director of BIC welcomed and thanked the guests.