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Screening of a documentary film "Undercover Asia: Witch-Hunt Diaries" by Mayurica Biswas

Held on Wednesday, 18th May, 2016 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged the screening of the documentary film “Undercover Asia: Witch-Hunt Diaries” directed by Ms. Mayurica Biswas, Creative Director, Storyteller Films on Wednesday, 18th May, 2016 at 6.30 PM. The director was present to interact with the audience after the screening.
The film goes on narrating about the tribal belts of India’s Northeast, where a 48 year-old widow is branded a witch and brutally lynched by her own people. In another part of the region, a witch-hunt survivor, banished from her own village for over 10 years, prepares to reclaim her life lost in superstition. Witch-hunt Diaries is the story of these two women, caught in a terrifying, medieval ritual that claims over a hundred lives in India every year.
As the film moves between a murder investigation and a real-time rehabilitation, it takes the viewers into a secret world, where centuries-old belief systems continue to be sacred. It reveals a land of magic and mystic rituals – where sorcerers cast spells, deities possess devotees, and witchdoctors turn into witches. It also sets up a clash of 2 worlds - where science often collides with the supernatural, and the rationalist questions the believer.
After the screening of the film, the Q & A session was interesting. Ms. Mayurica clarified the queries of the audience during this interactive session.