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Conversation on "Trump, America & the World" between Strobe Talbott and Ramachandra Guha

Held on Tue, 6th Dec, 2016 at 6.00 PM at Oberoi Hotel

Bangalore International Centre had organised a conversation on “Trump, America & the World” on Tuesday, 6th December, 2016 at 6.00 PM at Oberoi Hotel, MG Road, Bangalore. Mr. Strobe Talbott and Dr. Ramachandra Guha were in conversation on this topic. This event was supported by Toyota Kirloskar. About 240 people attended this event at Oberoi hotel.

It was a fascinating dialogue between two idealogues who tried to decipher the amazing turn in American politics resulting in the surprise defeat of Hilary Clinton and the emergence of Donald Trump as the President-elect. Ramachandra Guha saw an unusual similarity between the personal of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the American President-elect, Trump. Strobe Talbott was more circumspect, he thought the Indian Prime Minister knew the pulse of the people much better, was more cogent, more understanding and more rational, apart from his vast administrative experience and acumen. He did not think one should attach any great significance to the telephone calls made by Trump to Nawaz Sharief or to others using phrases which are somewhat immature. He was also cautiously optimistic about the US foreign policy not going through violent somersaults in the coming years. He did not hide the fact that he was hugely disappointed that Trump won the race, but expressed that he should be given a fair chance to prove himself as a successful US President.