Events : Music

“Trimukhi” Music programme by Benjamin Beirs, Amit Nadig, Muthu Kumar and others

Held on Saturday, 20th March, 2010 at 6.30 pm

An amalgamation of three streams of music that spring from very different regions, Trimukhi is a fresh concept that presents an avatar of Carnatic, Hindustani and Western classical music, beautifully intertwined. Each genre’s grandeur reveals itself through the compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar, Purandaradasa, Joaquin Rodrigo and J.S. Bach, among others. Five young, fiery musicians came together at the Bangalore International Centre to paint a melodic canvas, melding their talent to create a new sound.

The evening began with a 30 minutes of solo performance by Ben Beirs on the guitar. His rendition of the western classical style was at once skilled and mellifluous. Soon after, he was joined by Amith Nadig on the flute, Muthu Kumar on the tabla, Karthik Mani on ghatam and percussion and Ashwin Kumar on keys. The music that followed flowed effortlessly from Carnatic to Hindustani compositions that brought the Western classical element into the fold seamlessly. Beginning with simple percussive elements, the compositions used progressively complex meters in complement to the musicians’ style of spontaneous development.

The highlight of the audience’s intense involvement in the performance was the interactive taal section. With the audience providing the basic beat and tempo through claps, the musicians created melodic and percussive development using konnakol (rapid verbal recitation of percussion sounds) and tabla and ghatam jugalbandis. The evening finished with an audience favorite, a multi-hued rendition of Dikshitar’s vatapi ganapatim.