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Sitar Performance "The Sitar of the Jaipur Senia Gharana" by Saptarshi Hazra

Held on Friday, 22nd August, 2014 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Sitar concert “The Sitar of the Jaipur Senia Gharana” by Shree Saptarshi Hazra, a Sitarist from Kolkata on Friday 22nd August 2014 at 6:30 pm at its auditorium. Accompaniment in Tabla was by Nisar Ahmed.

Saptarshi’s sitar concert highlighted the salient features of the Senia Jaipur gharana - He played with the same 17 fret sitar. This type of meendof Veena-ang, rich in melodious beauty and precision, is a distinctive feature of his style of playing. He gave equal importance to his left hand and right hand. Besides the speedy movement of the left hand on the frets, with a strong and powerful command over right hand strokeplay (bolkari), he combined the gayaki (the vocal/singing aspect) with the tantrakaari (the instrumental aspect) in an enriching way and displayed the so-called ‘do hat kebaj’.Equally eminent table player Nisar Ahmed gave a balanced accompaniment to Hazra.
It was an evening which everyone would cherish for a long time.