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Sitar Performance "The Melody of Monsoon" by Vid. Partha Pratim Roy

Held on Friday, 24th July, 2015 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Sitar Concert "The Melody of Monsoon" by Vid. Partha Pratim Roy and his accompanist on 24th July 2015 6:30 pm at its auditorium. Partha with the strings of his sitar invoked the downpour of melody, while playing select pieces and ragas to celebrate the monsoon. The concert contained 3 parts namely - Alap and Jor in Raga Megh Vilambit (slow tempo gat) – and drut (fast tempo gat) in Rag Desh in Teental ( 16 beats), – Light Classical Music – Chaiti and a monsoon song penned by Tagore, as a Homage to Tagore – “Mon Mor Meghero Sangee” – which means that “my mind has become companion of Clouds”. On the monsoon evening even as the clouds gathered in the sky outside, there was a downpour inside, as the melodious strains of Raag Megh filled the BIC auditorium .

Partha Pratim Roy, a very accomplished sitar artiste from Kolkatta started the concert with a leisurely alap in this very popular monsoon raga and as he explored further with a resplendent jod and jhala, the nuances of the raag unfolded in all its elegance and beauty and replete with the essence of the Maihar gharana.

Raag Desh also used to convey the mood of the rains was chosen by Partha in the next piece,Vilambit gat set to teen taal and played with a traditional gayaki angh,followed by a drut set to sitarkhani taal , a rarely played taal. The vistar and the speedy taans reflected the expertise and classical depth of the artiste.

In response to a request Partha played another evening raag Yaman-displaying and demonstrating a rare insight into the varied techniques which embellish instrumental Hindustani music. Partha then chose a lighter classical piece ,a Chaiti which is played in the sultry summer months in UP and conveys the romantic bhava and the different aspects of Krishna. He followed this with a composition of Rabindranath Tagore, Mono Mero Meghero Shonghe- this was beautifully improvised and interwoven by Partha in ragas Megh and Mia ki Malhar, in keeping with the theme of the concert and the lyric and reflected an exquisite blend of Vabha and Raga sangeet. To bring in a flavor of his land ,Partha then played a Bengali folk tune, Shohag Chand Badani -this lilting piece which described dancing children set many a foot tapping. Partha’s sitar was enhanced by the able accompaniment and enthused support of Vidwan Asit Kumar Jana on the tabla. The downpour slowed down to a drizzle and then a gentle pitter patter – as Partho once again returned to raag Megh as a fitting finale to a memorable evening of musical strings.

The performance was well admired by the audience.