Events : Literature & Popular Culture

Conversation around a new novel "The Copper Sky" authored by Mr. Abhijit Gupta

Held on Friday, 13th February, 2015 at 6.30 PM

The book is the story of one Amar Das, who arrives to study at London leaving India and its culture behind and has to adjust the culture and environment of London. Amar struggles with the new mores, the pervading permissiveness. At the same time he thrills to the intellectual freedom which he senses all around, the challenge of ideas, the encouragement to question orthodoxy.

Mr. Aroon Raman, through his conversation with Mr. Abhijit Gupta, brought out the autobiographical elements in the book and explored the thoughts which had led to the scripting of the book. The large appreciative audience enjoyed the banter and wit of both Aroon and Abhijit.