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Talk on "Bangladesh : The Quest for Justice" by Salil Tripathi

Held on 3rd April, 2013 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a thought-provoking talk on “Bangladesh : The Quest for Justice” by Mr. SalilTripathi, Author/Journalist, contributing Editor at Mint and Caravan  on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013 at 6.30 PM.
In his talk, Mr. Tripathi traversed through the history of the liberation of Bangladesh to outline the atrocities and massacre which had led to the evolution of Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign nation.  The fruits of liberation were swiftly frittered away by the short-sighted policies of a later-day Mujib-ur-Rahman who quite uncharacteristically assumed dictatorial powers and authority.  This in turn fuelled discontent and resentment which finally resulted in a coup in which Mujib, several other members of his family and a large number of his followers were assassinated.   A new government quickly rewarded the perpetrators of the massacre and reversed several decisions taken by Mujib.  The fracturing of polity in Bangladesh began from this point.
Bangladesh is in turmoil because old arguments, never settled over its 40 year history, are now resurfacing. At heart is the debate over the kind of nation Bangladesh wishes to be - secular or religious; one where language is paramount or religion; and should those who opposed the formation of the country have a role in its governance. 

The Q & A session after the talk was informative and interesting.