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Sufi Concert "Khyal-e-Sufi" by Ms. Smita Bellur and accompanists

Held on Monday, 28th May, 2012 at 6:30 pm

When one thinks Sufi music, one imagines being transported to a surreal world of trance, with complete submission and involvement for everyone. And this was just the magic that was seen in Sufi Concert viz., “Khyal-e-Sufi” by Ms.SmitaBellur, which was organized at Bangalore International Centre on Monday, 28th May, 2012 at 6:30 pm. She was accompanied by ShriKeshav Joshi on Tabla, ShriAbhishekon Keyboard, Shri. Shankar on Rhythm Pad.


She started with a beautiful evening melody PuryaDhanashri . The first Vilambitkhayal in ektaal “Chahindarajagda” in praise of Allah explored the raga layer by layer. Replete with melodic phrases, she took the audince through the various nuances of the raga. The next piece was in ChotaKhayal in dhrutteental “MushkilKaraoasaan”.

The next piece, a Qita, was in praise of Holy Prophet. The piece the resistance “Man QuntoMaula” was next and did full justice to the devotional theme of the song. She paid respects to HazratNizammudin with Amir Khusro’s lilting “Chaaptilak” to which the audience joined in with their claps. Baba Bulle Shah’s “Bulla kijaana” in Raga Shivranjani brought the audience back to somber contemplative mood. The foot-tapping “Oh Lal meri”sent pulses racing with the spiritual ferver.

Over all the audience was intoxicated with the trance that was created.The mesmerized audience rose in applause, and asked for more!!