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“Shyam Rang” by Shri. Nagabhushan Hegde and accompanists on Harmonium and Tabla

Held on Friday, 2nd December, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged an event “Shyam Rang” by Shri. Nagabhushan Hegde, accompanied by SHri. Madhusudan Bhat on Harmonium, and Shri. Keshav Joshi on Tabla. The event was arranged on Friday, 2nd December, 2011 at 6:30 pm.

Shri. Hegde took the listeners on a journey of exploration of the various and multi-faceted personifications of Krishna. The concert dedicated to Lord Krishna in all his fascinating forms was presented in the Kirana Gharana style which is known for its emphasis on Bhava and where even the Swaras stand out with melodic expression.

With his mellifluous, expressive rendering and consummate artistry Shri Nagabhushan led the audience through a gamut of expressions. He presented Khayals and Bhajans, a series of compositions on Krishna set in different evening ragas. In this palette of colours -the lyrics merged with the melody and complex swaras of the ragas – weaving a fascinating pattern wherein the mood or rasa reigned supreme and one could experience the Lord in all His glory.

The concert started with the beautiful evening raga Yaman in which the singer sang the khayal Baja Hari Nama in vilambit pace and to the beat of Ek Taal. The Bhakthi ras was predominant in this raga rendition and the bol alaaps accompanied by some beautiful swara prastavs and brilliantly executed taans.

The singer moved on to the piece “Aaj Aaye Shyam Mohana” in the same raga the mood being one of ecstasy and joy at the advent of the little Shyama. A short succinct alaap in the raga Desh followed by the khayal “Chanchal chal Krishna kanha” in taal Dadra was sung with great involvement followed by the hauntingly beautiful and evocative piece “Kanha Re Nanda Nandana”‘ in Raag Kedar and Teen Taal

The evenness of Nagabhushan's voice in all the three octaves even while transversing complex swara patterns were evident in the Khamaj song “Shyama Sundara Vanamali” which was in Teen taal

The concert came to a fitting conclusion with a Purandara Dasa Bhajan “Devaki Kanda Mukunda” in raga Malkauns wherein Shri. Hegde brought out the multiple facets of Krishna with great emotion and élan

This was indeed an evening of a perfect blend of artistry and spirituality. BIC Auditorium was packed with the audience.