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BIC in collaboration with Theatre Club: Readings of a Play “Shokachakra” by Sriranga, Noted Kannada Playwright

Held on Monday, 30th January, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Bangalore International Centre on the occasion of the Martyrs’ day paid a tribute to Gandhiji through the reading of a play “Shokachakra”, by Noted Kannada Playwright Sriranga. The Play was translated by Sriranga’s daughter Usha Desai and the reading was directed by Abhijit Sengupta. The event was in collaboration with Theatre Club and was held on Monday, 30th January, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

The play dealt with the degeneration and erosion of socio-political values with the advent of Independence in a telling manner. Even though it dealt with a period which ended on 30th January 1948, the theme appeared contemporary and relevant even today.

Through his play and his theme, Sriranga spoke passionately of Gandhian thoughts, freedom struggle, contradictions within the society, poverty, untouchability and other disturbing issues.

The emotive style of the performers was matched by a flawless dialogue delivery. The team work is essential for any play reading to be successful and this reading was the perfect example of it.  The passion and dedication of the artists was evident throughout the reading. The play had brilliant script and powerhouse performances.