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"Classical Carnatic Music Recital on the Saxophone" by Shri. G. Ramanathan, and accompanists

Held on Friday, 7th September, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

Bangalore International Centre had arranged the “Classical Carnatic Music Recital on the Saxophone” by Shri. G. Ramanathan, on Friday, 7th September, 2012 at 6:30 pm. The accompanists were Shri. Pradesh Acharya on Violin and Shri.Vadiraj Bhatt on Mridangam.
The Concert started with the popular song “NammamaSharadhe” in the Raga Hamsdhwaniand was followed with the Song“Nada Loludai” Composed by Saint Thiagaraja in the Raga KalyanaVasantham and by Mysore Vasudevachar's Evergreen song “Devadi Deva” in the Raga Sunadavinodini. This song had a short and sweet Percussion Solo by Sri Vadiraj which had the Listeners in rapt attention.
The concert then proceeded with Popular Devarnamas like “GovindaNinnaNamameChanda”, “Neenyako” in Raga BrindavanaSaranga and the song “RogaharaneKripasagara” in Raga Revathi. The concert concluded with the popular Song“Bagyadha Lakshmi Baramma” in the Raga Madhyamavathi. All The songs had Short Raga Elaborations.

The programme was well attended and it was appreciated by one and all.