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Screening of film “Tanvir ka Safarnama” by Mr. Ranjan Kamath. There was an interactive discussion on the film

Held on Friday, 14th May, 2010 at 6.30 pm

On 14 th May, 2010, at 6.30 PM, Bangalore International Centre had arranged screening of a documentary film “Tanvir ka Safarnama” based on the theatrical journey of Habib Tanvir.

This in fact was the first screening of the film in Bangalore, made with loving care by Mr. Ranjan Kamath, about the pipe-smoking urban sophisticate who found his moorings in rural Chattisgarh. Habib Tanvir’s theatrical masterpieces are by now well-known and acclaimed the world over. However, his lonely journey amongst numerous obstacles to create Naya Theatre, which gave a new face to Indian Repertory Theatre is not that well-known. Ranjan Kamath, ( a young, dynamic and creative persons who thinks and breathes theatre and who has made several outstanding short films which would make people sit up and think), is an unabashed admirer of Habib Tanvir. He went around with Habib Tanvir and followed his journey across India and abroad to record through his camera the trials and tribulations of Habib Tanvir. What came out was a remarkable film about a remarkable person. Apart from its content and the cinematic values, “Tanvir ka Safarnama” is bound to be of immense archival value in future for a true appraisal of the work of Habib Tanvir.

Before the film began, and after the screening was over, Ranjan touched upon the problems and challenges faced by Repertory Theatres in our country. The select audience which braved the rains and the traffic of Bangalore, enjoyed the moving film and the well-articulated observations of Ranjan. It was an evening that made you think.