Events : Visual Arts

Talk on “An Aesthetics of Erasures” by Mr. Sadanand Menon

Held on 31st October, 2008 at 6.30 PM

In a lucid exposition on the growing instances of cultural intolerance in our country, Shri Menon pointed out that brutalities were becoming manifest on caste, gender and communal lines. The intolerance on artistic expressions is only one of the facets of the general malaise which is fast becoming a feature of our much-vaunted democracy. Shri Menon stressed that so-called cultural puritans do not care so much for creativity and their sole passion is to destroy whatever “they” consider to be inappropriate or offensive. The remedy does not lie in any legislative or regulatory approach; there has to be a collective societal resistance to all acts of intolerance and vandalism.

He talk was followed by an illuminating interactive session in which the consensus was in favour of what was stated and urged by Shri Menon. Those who missed the session missed an intellectual treat.