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Talk by Mrs. Achala Moulik on “Pushkin, the father of modern Russian Literature”

Held on 4th April, 2008

Bangalore International Centre had organized a Talk by Mrs. Achala Moulik, Former Education Secretary, Govt. of India, on her Book viz., “Pushkin, the father of modern Russian Literature” on 4th April, 2008 at 6.00 PM at its auditorium.

In a vivid presentation, she outlined he life-story of Pushkin – how at a very young age, he flowered as a poet and served as an inspiration to those chafing at the autocratic rule of the Tsar of Russia, how he was banished from St. Petersburg, how he found his first and ever-lasting love in the pretty daughter of a much-decorated General of the Russian Army and how his writings flowered with his love. It was a fascinating talk and the tragedy of Pushkin’s life came out vividly. The discerning audience, present at the talk, enjoyed it.