Events : Visual Arts

Presentation on “Generation of Meaning in Visual Arts - Various Approaches” by Mr. Ravi Kumar Kashi. Presided over by Mr. S G Vasudev

Held on Saturday, 13th Oct, 2007 at 6 PM

Bangalore International Centre in collaboration with Ananya Drushya had organized a presentation on “Generation of Meaning in Visual Art - Various Approaches” by Mr. Ravikumar Kashi, a prominent Artist from Bangalore on 13th October, 2007 at its Auditorium. The Well-known Artist Shri S G Vasudev presided over the event.

Mr. Kashi used a power-point presentation to highlight the crucial points of art by the laymen. As he pointed out, merely looking at an object of art would not be meaningful unless one observes every feature carefully and brings in an appropriate focus. Appreciation about what the artist is really trying to convey can follow only thereafter. Through a series of slides, Mr. Kashi demonstrated as to how the artists convey their ideas through direct, indirect and sometimes even opaque suggestions. In the interactive session that followed, Mr. Kashi clarified that an artist’s major motivation is giving an appropriate shape to his creative urges and, in doing so, he gives only secondary importance to how his creations would be received or accepted by the general public. It was an extremely informative and enjoyable evening.