Events : Energy & Environment

Talk on “Power Scenario in Karnataka” by Mr. K Jairaj. Presided by Prof. S L Rao

Held on Friday, 11th June, 2010 at 6.00 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a talk/presentation on “Power Scenario in Karnataka”by Mr. K Jairaj, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Energy, Government of Karnataka on Fridy, 11 th June, 2010 at 6.00 pm. Prof. S L Rao, Member of the Board of Governors, ISEC, presided and moderated the discussion.

Through a power-point presentation, Mr. Jairaj explained as to how a combination of factors has led to the huge mismatch between demand and supply of power in Karnataka. The demand projections made earlier proved to be inadequate as the increases in generation of power were limited. The public sector had its own difficulties to initiate large projects and the private sector took only limited interest in starting new projects. In addition, there was hardly any energy auditing. Mr. Jairaj outlined the initiatives taken by the Government of Karnataka to achieve energy sufficiency, to tone up energy efficiency and to give a push to the promotion of green energy. Simultaneously action has been initiated to bring in massive infrastructure improvements in transmission and distribution of energy. Government of Karnataka has also started promoting Private Sector involvement in the over-all process through Global Investors’ Meet and Bid route. The state is now well-poised to achieve energy self-sufficiency in the next 5 years by adding additional capacity of 8560 MW to the existing capacity. System improvements are also leading to reduction in transmission and distribution losses and improvements in billing and collection efficiency. Mr. Jairaj emphasized the importance of demand side management and pleaded for active cooperation of all the citizens to conserve energy and to support larger projects.

Earlier in his introductory comments, Prof. S L Rao had urged for greater system improvements and better management. The interactive session, in which the Managing Directors of all the Electric Supply Companies also participated and clarified several issues, was both interesting and informative. As a sign of things to come, there was not a single moment of power-failure diving the nearly 2 hour session!!