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Book Launch of "Parricide" by Mr. Bhaskar Ghose and interactive discussion

Held on "Indian Authors writing in English"

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Book release of “PARRICIDE” a Novel by Mr. Bhaskar Ghose and an Interactive discussion on the subject of “Indian Authors writing in English” between Mr. Bhaskar Ghose and Mrs. Achala Moulik Moses, on Saturday, 4th July, 2015 at 6.30 PM.

Launching his Novel “Parricide”, Mr. Ghose outlined the theme of the book which talks about the choices we make and the price we must pay for even partial resolutions, through the protagonist, Ravi, who had a seemingly endless period of pain and abuse suffered at the hands of his father. He stressed that the story is that of one man’s journey from hatred towards empathy.

In the Interactive discussion, Mr. Bhaskar Ghose and Achala Moulik Moses, who also write in English, conversed to discuss various facets of Indians Writing in English. Both of them agreed that there is now a much greater variety and maturity in the books written in English by several Indian authors in both fiction and non-fiction genres. In the process, a new brand of English, which can be termed as Indian-English, has emerged. At the same time examples of both ungrammatical and bad English prose have also came to the surface. However, the binding influence of English among all the sections of articulate Indians cannot be ignored by any means.

It was a scintillating discussion, in which a large audience participated enthusiastically.