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Panel discussion "On Living and Dying Well: important questions and conversations between generations"

Held on Wednesday, 19th July, 2017 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore Bangalore International Centre had arranged panel discussion- “On Living and Dying Well: important questions and conversations between generations” on Wednesday, 19th July 2017 at 6.30 PM. Mr. Kishore Rao, Founder of Karunashrayaand Dr.SrinageshSimha were participated as panellists. Mrs.Shoba Narayan, Journalist and Columnist, chaired and moderated the discussion.

Philosophers and saints have reflected on death and dying for eons. Today, as medicine prolongs life, this has become an urgent issue for individuals and families. Bestselling books such as AtulGawande's "Being Mortal," highlight issues about caring for the elderly and how to deal with end-of-life issues. While death is inevitable, the end of life is different for each person. Ideas such as a "Living Will," allow individuals to specify how they want to be treated in the tail end of their lives. And you don't have to be old to write a Living Will. In the US, people write a Living Will in their fifties and sixties.

End of Life Care (EOLC) is support for people who are in their last months or years of life. It is meant to help patients live as well as possible until they die, with due attention to their wishes and preferences, including a choice of location of care and place of death (hospital or home). This care is inclusive of the patient’s family, caregivers and significant others and is an essential service in any medical facility, especially since it provides crucial support for transitions in critical illness.

In this panel discussion, two experts discussed questions both specific and general about End-of-Life Care. What is palliative care? How can a hospice help? How do you discuss the extent of care with the terminally ill? To what extent should you "throw medicine" at a person in the last years of their life through complicated procedures and visits to the ICU? How do you have a conversation with parents, siblings or spouse about how you would like to die? Where do you even begin? Such questions were answered in the panel discussion.

Mrs.Shoba Narayan handled the panel discussion efficiently. The Q & A session was informative and educative.