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Panel Discussion on "Medical Pluralism : One Patient, Two Systems"

Held on Saturday, 16h December, 2017 at 6.00 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised Panel Discussion “Medical Pluralism : One Patient, Two Systems” on Saturday, 16th December, 2017 at 6.00 PM. The Panelists were Dr. Olinda Timms , Dr. Darshan Shankar and Dr. Neelambika. Dr. Mukund Thattai chaired and moderated the event.

This panel discussion on “Medical pluralism” brought together experts on traditional health systems and modern bioethics to explore the interface of Ayurveda and modern medicine. Panelists discussed about issues like how can the Indian legal systems be modified to eliminate stifling silos of research, education and practice? What are the promising pre-clinical and clinical experiences at the interface of Ayurveda and biology? And what enabling provisions need to be made in policy, law, medical ethics and education to facilitate a healthy interface?

All the three panelists were very well-clued about the subject and brought out several relevant facts as yet unknown to the general public. It was quite revealing to know about the phenomenal work which is being done in Ayurveda research and to align it with the modern system of medicine. The moderately –sized audience appreciated the lucidity and clarity with which the panelists spoke and the remarkable dexterity with which Dr. Mukund Thattai steered the discussion and the Q&A session.