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Screening of a documentary film "Lyari Notes"

Held on Saturday, 16th July, 2016 at 6.00 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged the screening of the documentary film “Lyari Notes” directed and Co-produced by Maheen Zia and Co-directed and produced by Miriam Chandy Menacherry on Saturday, 16th July, 2016 at 6.00 PM. Miriam Chandy Menacherry was present to interact with the audience after the screening. The talk was chaired and moderated by Mr.s Shashi Deshpande, Writer and award winning novelist.
The film tells about a rock star who teaches a group of girls to express themselves through music in Karachi’s most volatile district in Pakistan. Captured over 3 years Lyari Notes is the narrative of four young girls who attend Hamza’s music school and learn what it takes to express oneself despite the cycles of violence.
As it emerged during the Q & A session, there was no set script for this docu-narrative. The original theme as to how music can change the ambience in a violence-striven locality evolved as a journey of 4 girls who were growing up. A more than packed house enjoyed every minute of the event.