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Poetry and Music Perfrmance "Love Notes : a journey through Poetry and Music" by The Rickshaw Muse band

Held on Wednesday, 26th February, 2014 at 6.30 PM

The Bangalore International Centre had organised a Poetry and Music Performance “Love Notes: a Journey through Poerty and Music”. This was produced and presented by Rickshaw Muse Band on Wednesday, 26th February 2014.  Performing artists were Mr. Pramod Shankar, Mr. Bar Hunka Leonard and Ms. Loreto Maimoni.

The Rickshaw Muse attempted to create a new genre, where poetry, performance, vocals and the classical guitar blend seamlessly for a heady and moving experience. The band also performed nostalgic songs with the mood of the performance.

The Rickshaw Muse’s current offering was Love Notes, a performance that took the audience through various nuances of love: longing, passion, togetherness, lust… poems that reflected these nuances, lifted by the guitar’s strains and interspersed with old and new love songs made the whole experience intimate and powerful.

The audience enjoyed the Poetry reading and music. For BIC members, it was a new experience altogether.