Events : International Relations

Panel Discussion on "Lady and the Trump"

Held on Wednesday, 26th Oct, 2016 at 6.00 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a panel discussion on “Lady and the Trump” on Wednesday, 26th October 2016, at 6:00 pm at its Auditorium. The panellists present were Prof. Siddharth Swaminathan and Ms. Camaron Vallepalli. The discussion was chaired and moderated by Mr. Narayan Ramachandran.
In an insightful introduction Mr. Narayan Ramchandran set the tone of the panel discussion. He stressed that a wave of populism is currently sweeping the world, right from Philippines and Turkey to U.K, Poland, Hungary and U.S.A. In this wave, class is giving way to race, gender, identity, environment, reaction to establishment etc. Social media is playing a crucial role in this populist wave. The reactions are often getting expressed in anti-establishment, anti-immigrant/racist, nationalist/inward, anti-globalization/anti-corporate, anti-Islamic Fundamentalism and pro-people sentiments. The emergence of Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate in USA has to be seen against this perspective.
Prof. Siddharth Swaminathan gave statistical figures of the age-group voting pattern in the last 2 U.S Presidential Elections (2008 and 2012) to suggest that the African-American and the Hispanic sections of the population would playa significant role in the final outcome.
Ms. Camaran Vallepalli was unequivocal in her assertion that Hilary Clinton is a much better candidate that Donald Trump and that she would have a comfortable win in the ensuing election.
The interactive session clearly showed that the lively audience overwhelmingly shared the views of Ms. Camaran.