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Discussion on the book "The Last Kaurava" by Kamesh Ramakrishna

Held on Friday, 12th Feruary, 2016 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised the Discussion on the book “The Last Kaurava” authored by Kamesh Ramakrishna on Friday, 12th February, 2016 at 6.30 PM at its auditorium. Madhavi Mahadevan was in conversation with the author.

“The Last Kaurava” as Mr. Ramakrishna explained is not a re-told Mahabharata . The author has used several characters from the Epic and mostly followed the story-line, but there are events that never occurred in the Mahabharata or at great variance from the story are told in the Mahabharata. In general, the effort of the author was to rationalise the events of Mahabharata and to completely avoid the miracles which form part of the traditional epic.

Two stories unfold in the book: the first story explores the writing down of the Mahabharata. It parallels the episode from the very beginning of the Epic in which Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, agrees to transcribe the poem narrated by Vyaasa. The second story, the main story, most connected to the Epic and referenced in the title of the book, explores the life and choices of Devavrata-Bhishma. To a query by the audience, Mr. Kamesh clarified that possibly Shikhandin who was the son of Bhishma was the last Kaurava.

The audience participated in the Q & A session with much enthusiasm.