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"IT's Complicated! Three Women, Writers and Wives" featuring Sudha Murthy, Yasmeen Premji and Rohini Nilekani.

Held on 26th December, 2012.

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a panel discussion  between Bangalore’s three billionaire IT wives Sudha Murthy, YasmeenPremji and RohiniNilekani on Wednesday, 26th December, 2012 at 6.30 pm at its auditorium.   The auditorium witnessed a jampacked audience to hear the three personalities.

Bangalore’s three billionaire IT wives who have charted their own course as philanthropists and writers and carved out an identity independent of their much heralded husbands, for the first time, shared a formal stage together to share their personal lives beyond the world of IT with the public at large.

Moderated by RohiniNilekani, the panel discussion ranged from a variety of topics including how the ladies spend their billions, has wealth affected their lives and that of their children’s to whether their husbands would take the time off to hear them speak at an event.

Echoing the sentiments of her fellow panelists, Rohini said that “We all came into unprecedented wealth.  Yes we were at the right place, right time and importantly, in the right country”.

All the three were unanimous is saying that more than them being affected by the billions, they had a tough time teaching their children to understand how to live with so much money. Sudha Murthy said that the toughest part in dealing with the wealth was to explain to the children how not to get swayed by it.  “My life hasn’t changed at all, but yes, It’s difficult for families to adjust to wealth,” said YasmeenPremji.  Beyond teaching their children about wealth, the three women did admit that in a country like India, which needs money, they find it hard to deploy wealth to the right people. 

Sudha Murthy pointed out that there are very few NGOs that are credible to do good work.  All three women who have been individually recognized for their philanthropic activities noted that despite the country having around 3 million registered NGOs, there is a shortage of good NGOs that are passionate about their work. 

During the interactive session, the three iconic ladies were unanimous on their view about their husbands – they were too busy to take interest in the activities of their wives!  It was a fascinating and interesting discussion in which several details about the personality and philosophy of Sudha Murthy, RohiniNilekani and YasmeenPremji were unveiled.