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Iranian Film Festival

From 5th May, 2014


Bangalore International Centre in association with Federation of Film Societies of India had arranged the screening of sixIranian Films as a part of Iranian Film Festival-2014, from 05th to 10th May, 2014.
The following films were screened at BIC during this period.

Beloved sky

Shayan is a young renowned doctor, who at the peak of his career and social success, finds out he has an incurable disease. Therefore, he leaves his work and daily life and leaves the city. He ends up in a village where unexpected events await him.
With a sure touch, Mehrjui infuses the story with magic realism and the sensibility of simpler times as a mysterious herbalist and a traumatized woman become key to unlocking the past and the future for a man resigned to having no tomorrow. A colorful ensemble cast, stunning landscapes, and more than a few glimpses of tasty Persian cuisine make this film a treat for the eyes.

Forty Years

Love At 40 is about a lost love re found. Negar is a married woman who works at a musical company. When she is given an assignment to collaborate with an Iranian expat Orchestra leader, she comes face to face with a former lover. Meanwhile, Negar finds herself in a compromised situation with her husband, who turns out has had a hand in her falling out with her former lover.

Song of Sparrows

Karim works at an ostrich farm outside of Tehran, Iran. He leads a simple and contented life with his wife Narges, and three children in his small house. He loves his wife and children and tries hard to make them happy. One day when he is in farm, he was told to return home early as his elder daughter, Haniyeh's hearing aid is lost. When he reaches home he finds that his son Hussein and neighborhood children are searching the hearing aid in place for water storage which is a sludge now. Karim scolds his son and others for coming there, but joins them in searching. During the search his son Hussein and his friends reveals their idea of cleaning sludge and growing gold fish in it and to become millionaires. Karim rejects the idea and discourages them. However they get the hearing aid from there. But he finds that it's not working properly.
He approaches the hospital and learns that he has to wait three four months to get the aid freely or otherwise he has to go to Tehran city to get it immediately. As his daughter's exam is approaching nearly he is worried about getting the hearing aid.
After that incident, one day when they are moving new ostriches into farm, one of the ostriches runs away. Karim is blamed for the loss and is fired from the farm. However soon after this, he travels to the city in order to repair Haniyeh's, hearing aid and knows that it costs 350,000 tomans, but finds himself mistaken for a motorcycle taxi driver. Thus begins his new profession: ferrying people and goods through heavy traffic. However, the people and goods he is dealing with every day start to change Karim's generous and honest nature, much to the distress of his wife and daughters. Every day he brings second hand items to his home and began more greedy and started forgetting his daughter’s hearing aid. It is up to those closest to him to restore the values that he once cherished.

Here without me

Yalda is a disabled daughter of the family who has developed the interest towards collecting glass animals, and harbors a secret attraction to her brother Ehsan's best friend Reza. Ehsan, whose voiceover introduces the film, writes poetry and desperately dreams of leaving Iran.He dreams of being a writer and spends his spare time haunting cinemas and watching old movies over and over. Farideh holds down two food factory processing jobs to help support her family. Farideh is the only member of the family who interacts with the brutal conditions of Iran and willingly takes the challenge.

The Child and Angel

The film tells the story of a girl named Fereshteh and her 11-year-old nephew who have lost their family in Khorramshahr during the Iran-Iraq war.A young girl named Fereshteh (literally meaning angel) sees what may come in the following days. She is obliged to cross the war front to search for her brother. Fereshteh finds what she’s already seen in her dream: Living in world of the dead; a becoming reward for an angel.

Family Bond

Mr. Kamali and his wife come to Tehran from a far town to visit their children but they will be involved in complicated circumstances

All the films were well attended and appreciated by one and all.