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Screening of film "Invoking Justice" By Deepa Dhanraj

Held on 1st February, 2013.

As the second in the series, in observance of International Women’s Day Series-2013, Bangalore International Centre had arranged screening of the film “Invoking Justice” directed by DeepaDhanraj on Friday, 1st February, 2013 at 6 PM.  Ms. DeepaDhanraj was present that day and interacted with the audience.  Mrs. SreelakshmiGururaj moderated the Q & A session.

The film was based on male dominated Jamaats (Councils), where they cannot represent themselves, Muslim women in South India set up their own council in 2004. The Women’s Jamaat guides, arbitrates and decides on matters related to family law. Invoking Justice tells the complex story of the inspired challenge posed by the Women’s Jamaat to a corrupt judicial system. The film follows Jamaat members as they investigate cases and negotiate with families, male jamaats and the police with skill, tenacity and the courage of convictions grounded equally in faith and in a secular idea of justice.

The sensitively  made film  was  most appropriate to the  theme chosen by BIC to observe the International Women’s Day series.

 There were several good questions on relevant issues from the audience viz.,  the safety of the women jamaat members, legal status of the women jamaats,  the support from their husbands, extent of visible social change, capacity and competence of the women jamaat members, the impact of their strategic interventions with the all malejamaats, and of the expansion /replication of this in other parts of India.