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Talk on the book "The Evolution of a Novel : Inga" authored by Mrs. Poile Sengupta

Held on Monday, 15th December, 2014 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre, had arranged a Talk on the book“The evolution of a novel: Inga” authored byMrs.PoileSengupta,Well-known Theatre person and writer, onMonday, 15th December, 2014 at 6.30 PM. Mr.Ashish and MuniraSen read a few excerpts of the novel in between an extremely interesting conversation between Mr. Suresh Menon, eminent journalist and the author.

Suresh, through gentle probes, sought to explore as to what led Poile to move away from writing poems, plays and books for children and attempt an adult novel. Poile responded by outlining several factors which worked on her – her own process of growing up in a tradition-bound conservative background, the liberating relationships within her own family, her experience as a playwright and a theatre person and an innate understanding of certain comic aspects of life. All these could find their appropriate expression through a novel. The dialogue between Suresh and Poile was articulate and illuminating, made more poignant through the readings from the book by Ashish and Munira – both eminent theatre-persons in their own right. A highly appreciative audience took active interest during the lively interactive session.