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Talk on "Why Indian Men Must Cook" by Mr. Samar Halarnkar

Held on Monday, 30th Sep, 2013 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a talk on “Why Indian Men Must Cook”by Mr. Samar Halarnkar on Monday, 30th September,  2013 at 6.30 PM.Mr. AbhijitSaha chaired and moderated the talk.
In a free-wheeling discussion, during which Mr. Halarnkar  freely interacted with a very lively audience, he unveiled his process of evolution from a well-established journalist to a part time chef.  The motivation, he said with disarming candour , was hi love to have good food.  From there he outlined his discovery that cooking was not all that difficult and that there are several advantages in men cooking their own food and also for their families. 
As he outlined, there are  too few men cook for their families. This is a reflection of the pampered Indian male's exalted position at home. "The Married Man's Guide to Creative Cooking -- And Other Dubious Adventures", a book authored by Samar Halarnkar is, first, an argument for men to get into the kitchen. Cooking, Halarnkar contended that it  reconnects you with community traditions, boosts your confidence and well-being and transforms domestic relationships.
The interactive session became extremely lively with witty interjections from the celebrity chef, AbhijitSaha who also shared his experience about how he became a chef and how the gender stereotypes were gradually changing in the hospitality sector.

The duo had a word of advice for all the mothers – “Do not pamper your son and encourage him to be a helping hand in the kitchen.  That way he would appreciate the tremendous workload the mother has to carry to see the family is fed well and would be motivated to share the burden”.  The autocratic fathers were not spared.  They were given the kind advice that they may start making tea for their wives!!