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Talk on "India vs Pakistan: A Contrast of their Armies and Democracies" by Aditya Sondhi.

Held on Monday, 7th January, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

A fascinating talk on “India vs Pakistan : A contrast of their armies and democracies” by Dr. AdityaSondhi was arranged at Bangalore International Centre on Monday, 7th January, 2013 at 6.30 PM at its auditorium.  The session was chaired and  moderated by Lt. Gen (Army Caommander (Retd) K Nagaraj. 

In a wide ranging talk, Dr. Sondhi highlighted how in spite of their common historical background, India and Pakistan witnessed a remarkable divergence in their functioning of political governance and the armies.  While India had a fairly stable and mature political leadership at the national and regional levels, Pakistan had none excepting Mohammed Ali Jinnah who unfortunately died early after the establishment of Pakistan.  Other Pakistani leaders after Jinnah mostly belonged to the feudal aristocratic class with very little traces of democratic ideals and values.  As a result, democracy took firm roots in India and within a few years after independence, a liberal democratic Constitution came into existence.  As against that, Pakistan continued to work with the outmoded and outdated Government of India Act of 1935 which had very few democratic features with enormous concentration of power and authority with the Governor General over whom the legislature had no control.  In this kind of a set-up where patronage and corruption was rampant, the Pakistani Army considered it to be their duty to save the nation and assumed greater power and authority to take the corrective measures which they thought were required.  It was this misconceived and exaggerated  notion about their obligation to the nation that had led the Army to play a dominant role in the history and politics of Pakistan.  Sadly the Judiciary in Pakistan, unlike its counterpart in India, generally played a subservient role to the Army and failed to act as a check on the growth of military authoritarianism.  Mr. Sondhi’s talk was interspersed with several interesting anecdotes and lively humour.  The interactive session, in which several well-known army  Generals participated (apart from others), made the session one of the best held in Bangalore International Centre in recent years.