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Talk on "Holistic Health and how to practice it in everyday life" by Dr. Issac Mathai

Held on Wednesday, 6th January, 2016 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a talk on “Holistic Health and how to practice it in everyday life (Tips and Techniques)” by Dr. Issac Mathai, Chairman and Managing & Medical Director SOUKYA, International Holistic Health Centre on Wednesday, 06th January, 2016 at 6.30 PM. Dr. Sujata Kelkar Shetty, Wellness Expert and Life Coach chaired and moderated the discussion.

Dr. Mathai through his power point presentation emphasized that Holistic Health is the concept of treating the person as a whole considering the mind, body and spirit. It takes into consideration the Psychological, nutritional, emotional, social, cultural, lifestyle, environmental and spiritual aspects in health and illness. Prevention, early intervention and health promotion is the focus of Holistic approach. The word Holistic describes an approach, an attitude and a philosophy rather than any specific type of medical practice. Through a series of anecdotes and case histories, Dr. Mathai established that symptomatic treatments often fail to go to the root causes of ailments which may continue to recur unless such causes are looked at with a holistic approach and on open mind. Dr. Sujata Kelkar Shetty, who chaired and moderated the discussion, raised issues pertaining to certain common perceptions about the scientific validations of several systems of alternative medicines by practitioners of holistic health. Dr. Mathai in response pointed out that holistic health is not opposed to modern systems of medicines; it merely stresses that ailments and illnesses are only certain manifestations and symptoms arising out of causes which can be handled much better with a complementarity of all available systems of medicine.

There was a large appreciative audience which participated enthusiastically in the Q& A session.