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Talk on the book "Hindu Temples of Vietnam : Cham Artifacts" by Shri S Vijay Kumar

Held on Friday, 13th December, 2013 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a talk on “Hindu Temples of Vietnam: Cham Artifacts”by Shri S Vijay Kumar onFriday, 13th December,  2013 at 6.30 PM.Dr. SharadaSrinivasan, Professor National Institute of Advanced Studies chaired and moderated the talk.
Shri Vijay Kumar in his lucid talk featured rare insights into the Cham – covering the ruins of Myson, exhibits from the famed Cham Museum of Sculpture, Danang and the National Museum, Ho Chi Minh City. The Cham are an enigmatic culture which created wonderful sculptures and monuments in a glorious period commencing from the 4th Century. In a wide ranging talk, Shri Vijay Kumar outlined how the temple architecture in Vietnam closely followed the traditional pattern seen in several parts of Southern India and how the sculptures also depicted several Ramayana and other Puranic stories as are seen in our country.

The Q & A session after the talk was informative and interesting.