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Screening of film “Gulabi Talkies” and conversation between Girish Karnad and Girish Kasaravalli

Held on Saturday, 29th January, 2011 at 5.00 pm

On Saturday, 29th January, 2011 at 5:00 pm, auditorium of Bangalore International Centre was packed with its members who came to watch a brilliant Film “Gulabi Talkies” directed by an acclaimed film maker, Mr. Girish Kasaravalli who was recently been conferred with the Padma Shri Award by the Government of India. The film was preceded by a conversation between Mr. Kasaravalli and Mr. Girish Karnad, one of the greatest dramatists in India today.

The conversation between Girish Karnad and Girish Kasaravalli kept the audience riveted to their seats. Girish Karnad fondly recollected how, as the Director of Films and Television Institute, he had interviewed Girish Kasaravalli who was seeking admission to the Institute and how he had cautioned the eager student about the level of his English in his award-winning film which he had produced and directed in his final year for his diploma. He also talked about the way Girish Kasaravalli has transformed the face of Kannada cinemas through the sensitive films he has directed in which the “masala” elements have been scrupulously shunned. He highlighted the tremendous attention to the minutest details in his films and the subtle humour in etching out the major as well as minor characters. Girish Kasaravalli responded with his usual humility and candour to point out that by nature and by temperament he is not suited to dilute reality in his films and that his focus has always been to portray life, as it is. Without actually decrying Hindi “masala” films which are money-spinners, he admitted that he was not cut out to make such films. The audience heard both the champions of parallel cinema in Kannada with rapt attention.

The movie “Gulabi Talkies” which followed showed to everyone why Girish Kasaravalli has won four National Awards so far for the excellent quality of his films.