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Function to present Gandhian books to BIC Library and Screening of film “Freedom in our Lifetime” by Mr. P A Nazareth, Former Ambassador. Presided by Dr. A Ramachandran

Held on 6th July, 2007

There was a function arranged at BIC Auditorium on 6th July, 2007 at 6 PM to present a set of Gandhian Books to BIC Library and Screening of a film “Freedom in our Lifetime”. Mr. P A Nazareth, Former Ambassador has generously presented a set of 42 Gandhian Books to Dr. A Ramachandran, President of BIC. Dr. Ramachandran presided over the function.

Mr. P R Dasgupta, Director of BIC welcomed Mr. P A Nazareth and Dr. A Ramachandran and the audience.

Later, Mr. P A Nazareth read out some excerpts from his book on Gandhiji.

The film “Freedom in our Liftime” which was based on the freedom struggle at South Africa was screened.

In the interactive session that followed, Mr. Nazareth spoke at length about Gandhiji’s advocacy of truth, non-violence and civil disobedience, both as a philosophy and as a strategy for action. He stressed that several other countries later on adopted the same strategy to win their independence and self-respect, after Gandhiji demonstrated its efficacy in South Africa and India. Dwelling on the outbreak of terror and violence around the world in recent years, Mr. Nazareth suggested that one should take a close look at the causes leading to such outbreaks, so that adequate preventive and proactive measures could be taken.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by the Director of the Centre.