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Screening of film “Footsteps of Nikitin” directed by Mr. Rajan Jala. Mr. Phalguni Matilal, the leader of expedition was present and introduced the film

Held on 28th December, 2007

Years back, 15th Century AD to be precise, a Russian trader, called Afansy Nikitin traveled all the way from Tver (near Moscow) to India by the Caspian region and Iran, stayed in India from 1471-1474, mostly in Bahamani Kingdom (North Karnataka Region) and returned to Russia by Gulf and Turkey. After six centuries, an eclectic mix of historians, adventurers, political and energy experts, journalists and a film crew followed Nikitin’s route to discover how was it then and now. This was encapsulated in a film, “FOOTSTEPS OF NIKITIN”. The film was directed by Mr. Rajan Jala. Mr. Phalguni Matilal, led this expedition.

This film was screened at BIC on 28th December, 2007 at 6 PM. More than 70 members attended the screening. Mr. Phalguni Matilal, who was present, introduced the film. Prof. Konda of Bidar University spoke on Nikitin and his time. The interactive session after the screening was lively and enjoyable.