Events : Music

Flute Duet Recital by father and Son duo - Vidwan B.K. Anantha Ram and Vidwan Amith. A. Nadig, and accompanists

Held on Thursday, 21st April, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged an interesting event “Flute Duet Recital” by father and son duo, Vidwan B.K. Anantha Ram, and Vidwan Amith A. Nadig on Thursday, 21st April, 2011 at 6:30 pm. The flautists were accompanied by Vidwan J.K. Sridhar and Vidwan. V.S. Rajagopal on Violin and Mridangam.

The performance started with a Varna in Navaragamalika set to Adi Taala of eight beats consisting of nine Ragas like Kedaara, Shankarabharana, Kalyani, Begade, Edukula Kamboji, Kamboji, Bilahari, Mohana and Sri Raga.

The next item was in Raga Naata followed by Sarasiruhaasanaapriye song on Goddess Sarasvati composed by Puliyur Doreseamy Iayyer. This song was also in Adi Taala.

Another significant item presented by them was Ninnu Vina in Raaga Navarasakannada in Rupaka Taala of six beats, followed by evergreen masterpiece Endaro Mahaanu Bhavulu Andariki Vandanu, which is a well known composition of great Saint Sri Tyagaraj.

This was followed by a beautiful Kruti in Raaga Kaamavardhini an evening Raaga followed by another on Lord Shiva ushering his kindness and blessings towards the devotees followed by the creative Swara Prastaara.

The main item of the day was kept for the last. It was Bhavnutha Naa Hrudayamu, also Sri Tyagaraja’s composition in Raaga Mohana. It is a lovely Raaga which can be presented during any time of the day with nice presentation of the kruti and the brisk Swara Prastaara which the artist presents on the spot using their imagination. This performance was concluded by a Laya Vinyasa by the percussion artist.

The concert was lively and was steeped in pure classical notes. The BIC auditorium was jam packed with the audience who came to listen to the melodious notes of the flute. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance by the artists.