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Screening of film “Pane Amaro” (Bitter Bread). The Director Mr. Gianfranco Norelli and Mrs. Suma Kurien were present

Held on 2nd January, 2008

The film ‘Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread)” directed by Mr. Gianfranco Norelli was screened at Bangalore International Centre on 2nd January, 2008 at 6 PM. The film was based on the Italian American immigrant experience.

Both Mr. Norelli and his wife Mrs. Suma Kurien, who was associated in making of the film were present during the screening and introduced the film.

The film was a telling documentary on the violence and extreme prejudices faced by the early Italian immigrants to the United States and shattered many myths and stereotypes. The invited audience saw the film with rapt attention and, later, interacted with Mr. Norelli and Mrs. Kurien. It was an extremely informative and interesting evening.