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Talk on " Film History and the place of the Director" by M K Raghavendra

Held on Friday, 12th July, 2013 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore Bangalore International Centre had arranged a talk on “Film History and the place of the Director”by Mr. M K Raghavendraon Friday, 12th July,  2013 at 6.00 PM.This was followed by a conversation with Mr. Akumal Ramachander, Author, Art promoter and Music Composer.
Mr. Raghavendra in his talk stressed that film history begins with a categorization of cinema and there are various ways in which categorization can proceed – nationalities, themes, genres and directors being some of them. The director is generally regarded as the organizing intelligence in any film and is therefore in the position of the author in literature. Since the author is normally valorized as the creative source of any literary work, the director similarly finds himself or herself at the centre of any film. Writing film history with the director as the basis also has an advantage in that biases pertaining to nations and themes can be eliminated and ‘creativity’ becomes the sole criterion to understand the march of film history. Heexplained these aspects as well as the difficulties in evaluation – who should determine which directors are significant – and the resulting lacunae in the writing of film history. Mr. Akumal Ramchander, in his comments, spoke warmly about the friendship he has with Mr. Raghavendra ever since their college days and read a few extracts from Mr. Raghavendra’s latest book to outline his sharp insight and depth of knowledge.

The Q & A session after the talk was lively and interesting. Several members querried whether Mr. Raghavendra was partial to films and directors from abroad. He replied with candour that the assessment of every critic is bound to be subjective and there can always be honest difference of opinions.