Events : Music

Musical Event “Evening Ragas in Dilruba and Sitar” by Mr. Aranya Kumar and accompanists

Held on Friday, 24th December, 2010 at 6.30 pm

On the Eve of Christmas, Bangalore International Centre had arranged a unique music programme “Evening Ragas in Dilruba and Sitar” on Friday, 24th December, 2010 at 6:30 pm at its auditorium.  Shri Aranya Kumar, a young Dilruba Player and Sitarist from Dharwad performed on Dilruba and Sitar presenting different Ragas.  He was accompanied by another young Tabala Player Shri Dundayya Swamy.

Shri Aranya Kumar played Dilruba at the first. He played Rag Tilak Sham Alaap and then Madhya Laya and Druth Teen Thal.  Lastly he played Bhajan Vaishnav Janatho in Raga Khamaj on Dilruba.  Dilruba is now a days a rare instrument and all the members enjoyed the performance by Aranya Kumar.

After he played on Sitar.  He played Raga Miya Malhar, Alaap followed by composition of Madhya Laya and Druth Laya Teen Tal.

Then there was a Sawal Jawab between Sitar and Tabala which was thrilling.  The performance concluded with Jhala and Improvisation of filmy tune “Hame Tum Se pyar” of Bharavi Raga.

The audience enjoyed the evening and appreciated the performance of both Aranya Kumar and Dundayya Swamy.