Events : Indian Films

Screening of Films made by Nupur Basu: a) Dry Days in Dobbagunta, b) Michael Jackson Comes to Manikganj. Discussions were presided over by Dr. Prabha Chandra

Held on 31st August, 2007

BIC presented two documentary films made by Nupur Basu, the independent Journalist and documentary film maker on 31st August, 2007. The film – “Dry Days in Dobbagunta” reflected the protests of rural women about the sale of liquors at villages from which their spouses are being ruined and their families are financially affected severely.

“Michael Jackson comes to Manikganj” showcased the impact of satellite TV in the globalised set up very effectively.

Stylised presentation and crisp editing made the two films thoroughly enjoyable. A select group which viewed the films actively interacted with the Director after the screening was over.