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Vocal Concert "Diverse Divinity" by Ms. Niveta Chandrasekar, and accompanists.

Held on Friday, 21st December, 2012 at 6:30 pm.

Bangalore On December 21st 2012, Bangalore International Centre had arranged "Diverse Divinity", a Carnatic Concert by NivetaChandrasekar from Chicago USA. NivetaChandrasekar, a student of Sri P. Unnikrishnan, performing both in India and the USA, proved to be an able singer. Niveta chose to present the theme by selecting an array of deities and singing different compositions about them to highlight how they can be represented. She then proceeded to explain how these compositions are essentially about the same gods/goddess, but are unique and special in their own way.
Niveta started with a viruttam honoring her gurus and then proceeded to perform GajananaNayutham in Chakravaham. After some fast paced numbers, such as Varanaradha a Tyagarajar Composition in Vijayashree and Rakshamam in GambeeraNattai, for which both her accompaniments, Anirudh Bhatt and Shankar Rajan, supported beautifully, Niveta sang SeethammaMayamma. An elaborate Swarakalpana and Alapanawas a special feature. In addition, she sang Kalyani, HimaadriSuthe which had a quick but enjoyable Tani, followed by Chandrachooda in Darbari Kannada and a soul stirring SaiBhajan. She then aptly concluded with a Tiruppughzl in Shourashtam which gave way to 'Bhavamana'.

Overall, the performance was well received. NivetaChandrasekar was accompanied beautifully by Anirudh Bhatt on the Mridhangam and Shankar Rajan on the Violin.