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Vocal Concert - "Demystifying Raagam - Taanam - Pallavi" by Ms. Priyanka C. Prakash. Accompanied by Shri. Vittal Rangan - on Violin; and Shri. Raghunath Rajaram - on Mrudangam

Held on Tuesday, 24th January, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a theme based concert viz, “Demystifying Ragam-Taanam-Pallavi” by Ms. Priyanka C. Prakash, on Tuesday, 24th January 2012 at 6.30 pm. Priyanka was accompanied by the prodigious talent Vittal Rangan on the violin, and a wonderful percussionist Raghunath Rajaram on the mridangam.

The young trio led by just ‘out-of-the-teens’ Priyanka C Prakash presented an outstanding concert, displaying maturity and deep rooted classicism belying their age.

Aided by a strong and melodious voice, traversing all 3 octaves effortlessly, Priyanka presented a top class concert, which truly “demystified” the ‘Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi” – which as she described, was the ‘piece de resistance’ of any Carnatic Music Concert. Whether it was in the delineation of a raga, the mellifluous rendering of the compositions, the mature creativity in the neraval or the exciting swaraprastharas, it reflected her strong training and passion for the art form.

Her brief explanations, not only highlighted the esoteric concert presentation, but also showed the depth of her knowledge in Carnatic Music.

Priyanka commenced her concert with the energetic and bright “Daru varnam” – “Mathe”, composed by Shri Muthiah Bhagavathar. This was followed by the popular Purandara dasa composition – “Jaya Jaya, Jaya Janaki Kantha”, rendered in a brisk manner – kalpana swaras at “Jaya Jaya” were sprightly – Vittal’s replies, were commendable.

The main item of the evening – the Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi, followed – in the raga – Simhendra Madhyamam. The unhurried, yet ‘bhava-laden’ raga-alapana, was followed by a lively ‘tanam’ which highlighted the energy in the raga.

The pallavi – which was on Goddess Lakshmi – “Jagannatha Sahithe, Naatha Sahithe, Sahithe, Hithe, the, Namasthe…” – was set to the rather challenging – “Tishra Jampa, Mishra Nadai” Taala – which essentially was a cycle of 42 beats. Creativity was in full flow in the neraval, which bore her Guru’s stamp; the kalpanaswaras, truly held the audience in awe, amazed at the youngster’s zeal. Raga malika swarams followed in behaag, kalyana vasantham and Revathi. (sruti bhedam in Revathi was done in the raga sunaadavinodini)

Vittal Rangan was amazing right through, whether it was in the raga alapana, neraval replies, or in matching Priyanka in her challenging swaraprastharas. In his hands, the violation literally talked.

The “thani avarthanam” by Raghunath Rajaram was truly enjoyable – and one could literally “hear” the words “sahithe hithe the namaste”, when he was concluding his percussion solo piece.

A dazzling thillaana composed by Lalgudi G Jayaraman in the raga “Rageshri”, was rendered beautifully by Priyanka as the penultimate item of the evening.

She concluded the concert with a mangalam.