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Book Release of "Dangerous Dispatches" by Achala Moulik

Held on Thursday, 30th June, 2016 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised the release of the book “Dangerous Dispatches” authored by Mrs. Achala Moulik on Thursday, 30th June, 2016 at 6.30 PM at its auditorium. Mr. Aakar Patel and Ms. Nupur Basu were in conversation with Achala Moulik.

The book speaks about an intrepid Indian frontline journalist, Shivan Khamboj and Romona, his wife, muse, and archaeologist, their friends who are the idealistic Russian journalist Alexei Rumyanstev and his wife Ludmila, the visionary Afghan Farid Brezhna and his wife Anahita, the English writer Julian Ashford and his beloved Vinita. Their lives - set against the backdrop of conflicts in contested lands – Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, Bosnia – cross each other’s paths. The events described affected the destiny of these individuals as it shaped the fate of nations. It is also the story of their dreams, and of how their love, courage, and loyalty survive hatred and violence.

Nupur Basu and Aakar Patel, who were in conversation with Achala, brought out the subtle nuances of political developments and fiction in the book. As Achala confessed, her process of growing up with her parents, their views on life, their interactions with several interesting people, including journalists, had a profound impact in her impressionable mind and have been largely reflected in her book. She herself met several interesting people in her career and her life which have gone into fleshing several characters in the book.

In a highly informative interactive session, the perception and depth with which she has studied the political developments in Europe, Middle East and Afghanistan came out in great detail. It was an event enjoyed by all those who came.