Events : Visual Arts

Presentation on “Creativity in the Arts” by Padmini Ravi

Held on Saturday, 6th March, 2010 at 6.30 pm

Bringing her extensive experience as a dancer and a manager into play, Padmini Ravi presented a talk on Creativity in the Arts. She began with an exploration of the human personality, especially its development and the most influential factors. Padmini spoke of vital energies and the stimulation of each that varies across different people that guides an individual towards an interest in the arts, creative expression, business, science and so on.

A channeling of energies, Padmini discussed, is instrumental in honing expertise in a particular field. Similarly, it is this channeling that allows some people unique multi-faceted approaches to problem solving and thinking. A strongly channeled mind too is able to tackle a task better, she averred.

Padmini then went on to demonstrate several pieces of movement, rooted in Bharatanatyam, which explored different persona. She spoke of creativity in embellishment, using movement as her primary example, and the paramount influence of creativity in performance. With short pieces depicting Krishna, his family and friends, her performances showcased different rasa enhanced by her explanations of how she approached each piece.

The presentation and performances ended with an interactive session between Padmini and the audience. Composed of dancers, musicians and patrons of the arts, the discussion touched upon topics like creativity outside of the arts and in non-performance aspects, which had the audience extremely involved until end the session.