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Panel Discussion around "Communal Violence : A New Phase"

Held Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised Panel Discussion on “Communal Violence: A New Phase” on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 at 6.30 PM. The Panelists were Prof. Ashutosh Varshney, Prof. Sudhir Krishnaswamy and Prof. Sandeep Shastri.

Prof. Ashutosh Varshney, through a power point presentation explained about his research about the Hindu-Muslim conflict for nearly a decade and published a book viz., Ethnic Conflict and Civic Life: Hindus and Muslims in India. He presented the facts and figures about the history of communal violence in India.

Prof. Sudhir Krishnaswamy, presented the legal aspects of communal violence in detail through his power point presentation. He also explained about the experiences of communal violence in USA.

Prof. Sandeep Shastri added his wit and experience to the discussion.

The Q & A was educative and interesting.