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"Classical Roots of Indian Popular Music" by Vid. Chitra Srikrishna

Held on Friday, 14th March, 2014 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Carnatic Music appreciation/presentation titled “Classical Roots of Indian Popular Music” by Vid. Chitra Srikrishna onFriday, 14th March, 2014  at 6:30pm at its auditorium. Accompaniment in Violin was provided by Vid. Shankar Rajanand  Vid. Bhargava Simhadri on Mridangam.  Ms. Shoba Narayan, took the role of Sutradar for the whole event.

In her presentation she unveiled the fact that many of the haunting melodies (what we think of as filmi gana or music) have their roots in classical music. Ms. Shoba Narayan played some film song clips for which Chitra Srikrishna presented the appropriate ragas which have been used in the film songs. As she elucidated, a common misconception is that to appreciate classical music it takes years of listening and cultivation - worse yet that it's not for everyone. The reality is all of us already listen to classical music and often appreciate it - without even knowing that's what we are doing.

The highlight of the programme was that she used popular music to trace our life stages from childhood, through teen and adulthood, parenting and growing old and the emotions we encounter. The underlying classical melody, for each mood and its accompanying popular song were  performed and explained. By weaving a continual thread of changing moods, Chitra took the audience on a musical journey that educated as much as it entertains through classical melodies in different languages and genres. 

The graphic narration of Ms. Shoba Narayan was more eloquent than spoken words. All along, Ms. Chitra Srikrishna sang with remarkable mellifluity to make it a wonderful musical evening.