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Panel Discussion on "Bystander Intervention"

Held on Tuesday, 6th March, 2018 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised a Panel Discussion on ''Bystander Intervention - Should we intervene in situations when someone is being victimised; how, and what results to expect? ". Panelists were Dr. Divya Kannan, Dr. Shaibya Saldanha, Ms. Pavitra Chalam and Ms. Malini Narayan. Dr. Aditya Sondhi chaired and moderated the event.

Bystander Intervention is a philosophy and strategy for prevention of various types of violence, including bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. The panel discussed strategies and barriers to such interventions. Dr. Divya Kannan and Ms. Pavitra Chalam showed some of the very short films exemplifying them; an insider view: the experience and recommendations of a young actor in one such film; the legal inadequacies of encouraging and promoting such interventions.; and the conflict between bystander intervention and not interfering in other's spaces, illustrating the points from psychological studies.

All the panelists agreed that the general public should be kept appropriately motivated so that they do not remain as passive onlookers when violation and victimization takes place in their presence. It was suggested that aggressive intervention need not be the strategy; distraction of the offender / offenders could often be more effective. Dr. Aditya Sondhi, who chaired and moderated the session, highlighted the various legal options available to the bystanders.

The audience were receptive and appreciative.