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Book Reading and Poems by Rani and John Drew, Cambridge Writers

Held on Monday, 11th February, 2013 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre in association had arranged a farrago of stories and poems by two Cambridge writers Rani and John Drew on Monday, 11thFebruary, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

There were two parts in the programme.

 In the first half, Rani Drew  read the extracts from her first novel, The Dog’s Tale: a Life in the Buda Hills, published by Whyte Tracks, 2010. This is an extraordinary autobiography of a dog. It was written during her 9-years stay in Hungary, inspired by the omnipresence of Hungarian dogs.  How can a book be a dog’s autobiography? Do animals think? How do they express their feelings? Do domesticated animals take on human behaviour for expressing themselves? Are they different from animals in the wild? As a being how does a domesticated animal perceive the world around it – not him/her – a world made by humans? These were the questions explored by Rani in her stories.

In the second half,  both Rani and John read the stories and poems which they had written when they taught literature, cultural studies and creative writing in places as diverse as China and Canada, Bilbao and Budapest, Singapore and Spain.  John’s short poems with Buddha as the central figure were both amusing and full of insight.