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Book Discussion of "Pakistan - Courting the Abyss" authored by Mr. Tilak Devasher

Held on Tuesday, 4th April, 2017 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had organised a Book Discussion of “Pakistan – Courting the Abyss” authored by Mr. Tilak Devasher, Former Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, on Tuesday, 4th April, 2017 at 6.30 PM. The event was chaired and moderated by Amb. P S Raghavan, Convenor of National Security Advisory Board, Former Ambassador of India to Russia, Ireland & Czech Republic.

In a scintillating analysis, Tilak Devasher outlined the basic and fundamental questions like why, for example, is Pakistan such a troubled and troublesome state? Why is its survival frequently called into question? Are its problems of recent origin or rooted in its very genesis?

Devasher viewed the developments in Pakistan not from 1947 when the country was created but from the perspective of the Pakistan Movement during which the seeds of many current problems were sown- the opportunistic use of religion being the most lethal of these. This has led to the incremental growth of Islamisation and its result – war between different sects of Islam.

Stressing certain cold, data-drivern facts, which he called ‘WEEP Analysis’ (an acronym for water, education, economy and population), Devasher pointed out that Pakistan was hurtling towards its self-created abyss through its misplaced priorities, and pathological hatred towards India.

Mr. Devasher provided some answers to the vexed question of why the army dominates Pakistan. As he noted, even during periods civilian rule ‘democratic governance instead of being a tripod of the executive, legislature and judiciary looks more like a garden umbrella in which the army is the central pole around which the other organs of the state revolve.’ And this is because the political executive, corruption-ridden, and weak-kneed, have never been able to develop a well-thought out ideology or agenda beyond the traditional India-bashing, and their own contradictions about what is true Islam.

Amb. Raghavan steered the discussions with his huge experience, wit, and dexterity.

The packed audience participated in the Q & A session with much enthusiasm